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How We Specialize In Opportunity Zones

The Eazy team are experts in all things Opportunity Zones and have been a leading resource provider for the OZ ecosystem. Eazy OZ is so much more than just Fund Development. Not only does Eazy OZ provide turnkey solutions to Opportunity Fund development and Zone Business development; additionally, we provide education & advisory services to Opportunity Zone Real Estate Developers and Business owners. Moreover, we are strong advocates for the program and lead in lobbying efforts.

Opportunity Zone Development

The Eazy team are experts in all things Opportunity Zones. We provide turnkey solutions for Opportunity Zone Fund Development and Opportunity Zone Business Development.

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Opportunity Zone Education

Professionals and educators at heart, we have also developed an education & resource website (opportunityzones.org). Created the Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor (COZA) program. Additionally we are the founders of the Opportunity Zone Club with 6,500+ members.

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The Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor Progam

Opportunity Zone Advocacy

Opportunity USA is an Opportunity Zone Coalition that is dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth and revitalization in underserved communities across the nation. Our mission is to advocate for the continuation and expansion of the Opportunity Zone program through the Opportunity Zone Extension Act.

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Leading The Opportunity Zone Program

The U.S. currently holds TRILLIONS in unrealized capital gains eligible for Opportunity Zones!

Representing a significant untapped resource for economic development. With the introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Opportunity Funds were created as an investment vehicle for targeted areas called Opportunity Zones. This allows for the benefit of investors in Opportunity Funds with certain tax incentives, and for underserved communities within with Opportunity Zones, where the funds can be utilized to fund projects that will add value to the communities that need it most.

The program establishes a mechanism that enables investors with capital gains tax liabilities across the U.S. to receive favorable tax treatment for investing in Opportunity Funds that are certified by the U.S. Treasury Department. The Opportunity Funds use the capital invested to make equity investments in businesses and real estate in Opportunity Zones designated by each state with over 8,700 qualified locations.

When realizing the tremendous benefits for all those involved, many are finding themselves seeking the information and expertise to start their own Opportunity Fund or to invest in an existing fund to enjoy the tax incentives and contribute to economically distressed communities.

That’s where we come in…

Making Opportunity Zones Eazy

Leading the way for Opportunity Zones


Opportunity Zone Development Agency

The most recognized OZ Fund Development Agency. Developed Billions in Opportunity Zones.


OZ Fund Directory

Developed the most used Opportunity Zone Fund directory in the country.


Opportunity Zone Education

Created the only Opportunity Zone certification program in America. Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor (COZA)


OZ Lobbying

Leading the only lobby company focused on furthering the Opportunity Zone program.

Experts in Opportunity Zone Fund Development

The Eazy OZ team are experts in all things Opportunity Zone Fund and Opportunity Zones. We provide turnkey solutions to Opportunity Fund development along with advisory services to Opportunity Zone Real Estate Developers and Business owners.

The Right People

Some of our team members were directly responsible for helping to establish the Opportunity Zone program at a Federal level, serving as Presidential Appointed Advisors.

The Right Process

Excellence in execution = Speed To Market. We take an assembly line approach to Opportunity Zone Fund development starting with Attorneys ending in Video and Web Development. Done turn key!

The Right Product

A fully FINRA, SEC and IRS compliant Opportunity Zone Fund that is well polished, investment ready, impact focused with a narrative, identity, team and resources to support it.

Additional Opportunity Zone Resources

Below are some additional Opportunity Zone resources we are responsible for.

OZFunds.com The #1 Opportunity Fund Directory

We operate the largest Opportunity Fund directory in the country. OZFunds.com Find your next Opportunity Fund to invest into.

Explore Opportunity Funds


The #1 Opportunity Zone resource site in the country. Come and explore all things Opportunity Zone related. Including 30 eBooks, video courses, CRM systems & state resources.

Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor™

We developed the only Opportunity Zone certification program in the country. This 14 lesson course is guaranteed to turn you into an Opportunity Zone pro!

Become an Opportunity Zone expert


The only directory in the country to find an Opportunity Zone expert near you! Every expert has earned the Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor™ designation.

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Opportunity Zone Club

With over 5,500+ members the Opportunity Zone Club is the largest Opportunity Zone focused club in the country! Literally the largest social anything Opportunity Zone related.

Opportunity Zone Affiliate Program.

OZRefer.com is our affiliate referral program for our Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor™ program.

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OZVoices.com is our primary site where we interview and showcase the good work that Opportunity Zones are accomplishing.

Spotlighting The Positiveness of Opportunity Zones


OZToolkit.com is our primary site we provide paid members with the necessary tools for anybody to get involved with or is currently working in or on an Opportunity Zone.

Providing The Necessary Tools To Be Successfull

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