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What constitutes success? Just like Benjamin Franklin believed, I believe that well-designed systems are a precursor to success. That’s why I invest the proper resources to infuse proactive planning, lessons learned, and sound methodology that makes the difference between success and failure.

In the last 4 years I built Eazy OZ Opportunity Funds to be the country’s leading Opportunity Zone fund development agency. I have worked with directly and consulted with the majority of Opportunity Funds in existence. I have grown our team members to include those directly involved in the Opportunity Zone program since before there was Opportunity Zone program.

As a company, we have actively been involved since day one having developed the 2nd Opportunity Fund in the country to open, and the 1st Business OZ Fund to launch. Moreover, we have been recognized as Top 25 Fund Developers/Managers 2019, 2020 & 2021, and a Top 25 Opportunity Zone policy influencer. Additionally, Eazy OZ is recognized as a National Top 10 OZ Expert.

We work with clients to develop structured turn-key opportunity fund solutions for businesses and real estate development projects which produce positive economic, social, and environmental returns for investors, stakeholders, and the community.

Being an educator at heart, we also put together the only Opportunity Zone training program that exists today. We Have developed more Opportunity Zone resources than any other company and additionally manage the largest Opportunity Fund directory in America, and the largest Opportunity Zone focused club in America with over 5,550+ members and growing daily.

Since 2018, I have been involved in helping to raise over $750 million in Round A's across 50+ funds with a $15 Billion market cap. Eazy OZ's portfolio consists of 50+ Opportunity Zone Funds.


-2018 Council of Economic Advisers Executive Office of the President and the US Census Bureau on their TOP (The Opportunity Project). -2018 Speaker OZ Expo -2018 CDFA Annual Conference Speaker (Opportunity Zones) -2019 National Tax Policy Round Table -2019 Top 10 OZ Specialist Nationally -2019 (2) Top 25 Fund Manager Awards -2019 Speaker OZ Expo’s (Los Angeles, Las Vegas & NYC) -2020 Speaker OZ Expo -2020 (2) Top 25 Fund Manager Awards -2020 Speaker IEDC Annual Economic Conference (Opportunity Zones) -2020 Speaker Institute Professionals in Taxation Annual Conference (Opportunity Zones) -2021 Novogradac Opportunity Zone Conference -2021 Co-Hosted Liberty University OZ Summit -2021 (2) Top 25 Fund Manager Awards -2021 Top 25 Policy Influencer Award -2022 Co-Hosted AFPI Center For Opportunity OZ Summit

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