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Let our team of experts set up your Opportunity Zone Fund. We can get from ZERO to HERO in less than 30 days!

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Eazy OZ is the nation's leading Opportunity Zone Fund Development Agency. We are responsible for development of more Opportunity Zone Funds then anybody! We set up the 2nd Opportunity Zone Fund to ever launch and built the first business focused Opportunity Zone ever to launch.

What People Say

Don't just take our word for it.

The #1 OZ Fund Development Company in the Country

The Eazy team are experts in all things Opportunity Zone Fund and Opportunity Zones. We provide turnkey solutions to OZ Fund development along with advisory services to OZ Businesses.

The Right People

Some of our team members were directly responsible for helping to establish the Opportunity Zone program at a Federal level, serving as Presidential Appointed Advisors.

The Right Process

Excellence in execution = Speed To Market. We take an assembly line approach to opportunity fund development starting with Attorneys ending in Video and Web Development. Done turn key!

The Right Product

A fully FINRA, SEC and IRS compliant opportunity zone fund that is well polished, investment ready, impact focused with a narrative and identity to support it.

Built For You In Less Than 30 Days

When Time is Money...you don't want to spend 6 months getting set up and to market.


After our initial Free Consultation and verbal agreement to move forward. We begin the framework and foundation by providing a simple engagement contract, initial retainer and a link to our custom on-boarding Q&A’s. Which helps us collect the information needed to begin developing your fund business. Including, what your needs are, name of the fund, business strategy, company voice and mission, initial projects specs, your target market and more.


With our fully custom and fund ready brand development team, we create and design a game changing style, appearance and overall persona for you and your potential investors and partners. We provide you with print-ready material but we do NOT offer the printing and ordering services for business cards, flyer or booth display. However, we can provide direct links for pricing and shipping options.


Now that your brand style has been developed, it’s time for a professionally created, responsive website that’s mobile ready. With a custom layout including several web pages – Home, About, Model, Why Invest, Contact and a password protected For Investors page. We also connect your social media, but we do NOT create your actual social media accounts.


And we don’t stop there… Capture even more potential investors and engage your audience with our clean cut, professionally edited videos. Really drive the summary of your fund home with engaging graphics, key points, custom music, sleek transitions and beyond.


Showtime! With the fund strategy ready for success, the financials ready to be submitted to the Administrator, the legal ready for OZ Audit and an organized and complete shared drive folder with all of your created assets and brand material. It’s time to LAUNCH & PROMOTE YOUR FUND.


Time to dig deep and let your fund be heard… With our OZ Fund Phase 4 we help tell your story and the promising future your fund holds. It’s time to show and tell how truly game-changing your fund can be. Beyond just an investment opportunity, connect with the communities your fund serves to improve and change for the good of our country.

What People Say

Don't just take our word for it.

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Let our team set up your Opportunity Zone Fund today.

Let Us Set Up Your Opportunity Zone Fund Today!

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